Wiles Law: Brand Building During a Pandemic

New UX design simplified and educated consumers. Content compartmentalized the process, dispelled myths and outlined key steps.

Leveraged graphics to emphasize key take aways and differences. Simplified legal jargon to make the esoteric feel easy to understand. 

Created a FREE downloadable e-planner catered to the DIY audience

Built an explainer video series about the differences between a Will vs. a Trust using icons as visual definitions

Simplified the Wiles’ planning process to a single phrase and icons

In addition to revamping what Wiles stood for and what they looked like, we also took a deep look at how they operated. How was information being presented? Was it easy to understand and navigate? Moreover, did the prospective client feel empowered or engulfed? And in the midst of a pandemic, how could we help ease fears and quickly help clients? We began to break down information in to bite size pieces so potential clients could compartmentalize what estate planning really was and what their options could be. We also added a new service channel of curbside signings and virtual estate planning. 

Our first action was to level the playing field by dispelling myths and misconceptions on who should have an estate plan. We got down to a universal truth: estate planning is a right for everyone. It’s for every age and every stage of life. An “estate” just means your belongings. So if you have a pet, you have an estate to protect. Even if you have no family or items of “value,” you still need to protect your care in the event of incapacity. Every person matters. Your wishes matter, especially if you cannot communicate them.

To help appeal to Millennials and the DIY generation, we also created user friendly fillable e-forms to help prospective clients build plans — FOR FREE. No it wasn’t a legally binding document, but it was a legal planning document that helped clients organize their wishes and begin the discussions. And for some, this document could represent the only time they’ve ever documented their own wishes. Empowering clients to feel like they were finally taking that first step not only motivated them to care, it motivated them to finally call and make the appointment. Now we just needed to educate them on what some familiar options could be. Dispelling the myth that a Will can fully protect your estate was the best place to start. We created two explainer videos and sets of infographics to help break down the pros and cons of a Will vs. a Trust. And just exactly what those terms meant anyways. 

The accessibility of easy to digest information and the appeal of educational marketing tools helped to lower the barrier to call or email and drove up website metrics nearly double. Business is now higher than ever, especially with qualified leads who are finally ready to plan.

This entire refresh happened at the beginning of the pandemic, when business were traditionally down at least 50%. Not only we were able to launch AND grow metrics but we converted more leads than ever before. 

Some stats on how we are performing: 

  • Increased time spent on site by 3:40 minutes
  • Increased new visitors by 62%
  • Increased page views 66%
  • Lowered bounce rate 40%
  • Increased search impressions 32%
  • Increased engagement rate to 45%  
  • 50K video views in single campaign


Introduced the idea of “legacy” planning to consumers through the umbrella of generational wealth planning and family narrative preservation.

High level consumer facing infographic to illustrate to what estate planning entails, from simple documents to legacy preservation

Probate awareness campaign infographic. Educating consumers about what it is, how to avoid it, and how to navigate the pitfalls.