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Content Producer & Strategist

Content Producer & Strategist

About Me

I am more than just a content producer. I am a strategist and a leader. I thrive on ideating and presenting, especially through public speaking. I come equipped with 17 years of experience in marketing and advertising, branded content, animation, broadcast commercials, integrated campaigns, digital media, direct response, feature films and documentaries. I’ve worked on blue chips to start ups, CPGs, automotive, QSR, non-profits, and governmental agencies. I’ve lead direct reports, teams, and agencies.

My career experience makes me a quadfecta of creative and marketing management. I am your project/account manager, strategist, producer, and writer, all in one. I understand how to scale a creative idea based on your budget or no budget at all. In today’s world you need to be nimble. And I’m always ready to jump in. Let’s talk about how we can collaborate!

Specialties: I have worked on both the agency and production sides of the business, managing internal teams and clients. I know how to shift and pivot needs from selling ideas in a boardroom, to hustling on set, to shepherding the creative process. Having worked on hundreds of creative briefs, and 300+ productions I’m highly experienced in leading initiatives, producing strategic content, and managing integrated campaigns.

Short term goal: I’d love to begin my masters degree with a focus on business anthropology and strategic analysis. I want to deeply understand the “why” reasoning with consumers and their behavior. But moreover, I want to help build and market the new worlds in which they want to live and function

Wiles Law Case Study

A small law firm was looking to upgrade their image and prepare for the next generation of service. I saw they needed a bit more than that to be innovative enough for the next decade. Within 3 months, I gave them a brand, manifesto, core values and pillars, a new identity, tagline, content, two new marketing channels and a new service channel to clients. Their positioning skyrocketed from from your local “lowcountry” legal option to the South Carolina estate planning experts.

We reworked and innovated on everything imaginable. Logo, website, social media, content, CRM, SEO/SEM, sales presentations and created the new pillars of their business. But we didn’t stop there. The most important work was in the research. Listening to what was important to clients, sympathizing their concerns and simplifying the process. We made estate planning understandable again, and reminded clients it’s a right for everyone, not just the wealthy. We started real conversations that everyone could relate to and a place to find the answers. This not only created trust and empowerment in the client experience but allowed Wiles to become the leader in education, expertise, and empathy in the category. The strategic shift on inclusion worked. Old clients started calling again and new clients began to seek them out to learn more. And their success continues to improve monthly, even during a pandemic. 

  • Increased time spent on site by 3:40
  • Increased new visitors by 62%
  • Increased page views 66%
  • Lowered bounce rate 40%
  • Increased engagement rate to 45%
  • UX and targeted keywords assisted with largest client win to date

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